What is woodworm

Woodworm are not actually worms but are the Larvae of wood boring beetles. There are a number of different wood boring beetles in Ireland that have the same effect on the structural integrity of the timber they infest. Basically they lay their eggs in cracks in the wood and the larvae bore their way in and feed creating tunnels that weaken the infected timber. Woodworm beetles emerge between May and September/October and this is where you see the tell-tale holes in the wood. You may have death watch beetle or wood boring weevil to name just two. Wood boring weevil is usually found in instances where rotting wood has already occurred. Indeed, where there is a woodworm problem it is often the case that a building has an underlying damp problem. Timber Care Ltd are experts in the wood rot and timber treatment business and all damp problems. It is important to employ good qualified wood rot and damp proof surveyors that will identify any underlying damp problem which may be as simple as lack of ventilation but typically the infected wood requires a higher than usual moisture content even if the rest of the building is dry. Sometimes you will see crumbling or very weak wood that appears rotten or very wet. This may be wet rot or dry rot. However in cases of woodworm, the most identifying feature are the tiny flight holes.

 Signs of woodworm infestation are

Small holes in the timber showing powder/dust (faeces), known as ‘frass’ around the holes.

Weak timbers that may crumble when touched or snap easily

You may even see the beetles themselves

 How serious is woodworm ?

It is a major problem if it is left untreated and requires specialist treatment.

Woodworm beetles return to the same place each year causing even more damage and will only look for somewhere else when there is nothing left for the larvae to feed on. Some wood will remain strong if the woodworm infestation is not too advanced but in severe cases of woodworm the wood will simply crumble and this is where structural timbers can be weak and dangerous. Over a period of time they will continue to infect everything around them so the sooner you treat woodworm the better and total eradication is necessary.

Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm infestation can be a major problem in any building and requires thorough eradication. Nothing must be left behind, therefore, after removal of badly infected or weakened timbers a chemical treatment that penetrates the timber by diffusion is best. Water based treatments allow the chemical to soak into the  timber whilst eventually lowering or removing the moisture as much as possible therefore protecting the timber. This of course is dependent on the type of timber infected. Some timbers will take longer to penetrate while others will allow ingression to a higher degree. Our surveyors will investigate fully and determine the type of treatment specific to your needs.

Timber Care Ltd only use the best and most effective woodworm treatments on the market in order to completely eradicate the infestation. We use an insecticide treatment from Wykamol based on microemulsion technology which produces a formulation with a particle size in the nanometre range. This tiny particle size allows the formulation to penetrate deep into the timber in order to deliver the active ingredient  (insecticide) to prevent or eradicate wood boring insect attack.  It is effective against all life stages of wood boring insects. It has virtually no odour and can be applied either by brush or low pressure spray to provide long lasting protection.

The formulation is water-based producing a non-flammable, quick drying product containing no volatile organic compounds

Timber Care Ltd are experts in woodworm treatments and all types of rotting wood. What makes us different is that our highly trained technicians carry out all our woodworm and wood-rot treatments but all timber replacements are carried out by fully trained trades carpenters who have a far greater understanding of timber replacements than anyone. After all it is a carpenters job to know and understand the structural integrity of timber.

Our expert technicians will give you a full and complete free survey of the property identifying the cause and necessary treatment required.

All Timber care Ltd woodworm treatments carry a 20 year fully transferable guarantee. This means that you can pass this guarantee on to the next owner if you sell your property.

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Damp problems

Damp problems Ireland


Timber Care LTD is a company with the answers to all your damp and wood rot problems. We deal with Wet Rot, Dry Rot andWoodworm with the most up to date fungicidal and biocidal treatments. We treat all damp problems such as rising damp and penetrating damp and it doesn’t matter how big the problem is. We will give you the best solution and carry out a complete service in building repairs and construction. Timber Care Ltd are also one of the few approved contractors authorised by Hambleside Danelaw to install their Dryseal roofing system which gives you a completely sealed watertight roof with breathability, necessary in combatting condensation and other damp problems.  All our remedial treatments come with a 20 year fully transferable guarantee and all our Dryseal roofs comes with a 20 year insurance backed guarantee. While our fully trained technicians carry out our remedial treatments we ensure that all our timber replacements are carried out by carpenters. This means that your damp and wood rot problems are solved effectively and any timber replacements are carried out professionally. Timber care LTD was started by Martin O’Reilly, a trades carpenter who served his time in historic buildings and has over 35 years experience in the damp proofing and refurbishment business.

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