Rising Damp

Rising damp in Ireland has been a continuing problem mainly due to our adverse weather conditions. The Irish climate has played havoc with our buildings for years but rising damp in Ireland is curable.

What causes Rising Damp?

Rising Damp is caused by something called capillary traction. Basically water rises through thin small channels in brickwork from the ground up. If there is a high water table in the area then this can be the cause. Capillary traction however decreases as the channels get larger. For this reason you will not find rising damp in stone buildings or concrete walls etc. The reason being that they don’t have thin capillaries or they don’t have any capillaries at all such as stonework. The gaps between the old stonework in Ireland are too large to aid in the action required for this to work. Brickwork however can be a problem for rising damp especially rising damp in Dublin or cities with many brick buildings. The level of rising damp in Dublin will depend on many factors. The initial cause must be looked at first and fixed. This could be as simple as higher ground  outside. Damp walls in stone buildings are usually caused by damp penetrating the walls and sitting in the joints which are generally quite weak due to age.

Rising Damp Treatment

Treating rising damp has changed quite a lot over the years and many methods that were once common have been put aside and in some cases are very questionable. The methods we use here at Timber Care Ltd to treat rising damp are simple and effective. First of all after identifying and fixing the root cause of the rising damp problem we use an injection method that does not require pressure. We use Wykamol damp proofing products such as Ultracure, to name just one, which forms a silicone barrier. It is a silicone emulsion cream that prevents moisture from passing through capillaries in brickwork therefore keeping the moisture out. If there is a damp problem in stone buildings then it is most likely penetrating damp and will require simple but effective building repair work with little or no remedial treatment therefore saving you a lot of money.

Rising Damp Repair

The after effects of damp can leave a nasty look about the place. Especially plastered walls and flooring that are often damaged from excessive water penetration. You may have had peeling wallpaper and in the worst cases plaster simply falling off the walls but all this can be repaired. Once the damp problem is cured it is essential to keep the place aired and well ventilated. This is paramount to avoiding further damp problems. We at Timber care Ltd are experts in all damp problems and all damp solutions. It is not just a case of fixing the problem but using the correct methods to treat rising damp ensuring it does not return and good after care advice which is only a phone-call away.

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