Damp Walls

Damp walls in Ireland are perhaps one of our most common complaints. In the countryside, where so many houses were built with stone and the joints packed with mud, we have a particular problem. Over the years the outsides were re-plastered or even plastered for the first time and many houses were coated with sand and cement rendering inside. The unfortunate thing about this is that it trapped in a lot of moisture which then lead to serious damp problems. Coupled of course with bad ventilation and trying to keep a balance between a warm house and opening a window was never easy. The Irish climate is not to take all the blame as bad building practices and at times the sellotape approach to cover up a problem were often the first port of call because money was tight. Nowadays there are solutions to these damp walls. A good plan of action, good building practices and use of clever insulation coupled with good ventilation will sort out most, if not all, of these old problems. There are a number of other reasons for damp walls which we refer to in the damp proof business as ‘penetrating damp’ and the causes vary hugely. In all cases where you have damp walls there is water getting in somewhere and that is it in a nut shell. The first thing to do is stop the water ingress and repair the damage. How you do this is the key to getting rid of the damp problem. You can not just cover it up. Old houses have to breath and at times modern building systems do not match very well and can even create further problems. It is about using the correct methods old and modern in a clever workable way. A good modern insulation may actually trap moisture in and make the problem worse. There are some great new insulating plasters out there that both insulate and allow the building to breath and this should at least be a consideration. In modern houses damp problems can occur for much the same reasons such as leaking pipes and gutters, cracks in walls, higher ground outside and the age old culprit, bad ventilation. All of these damp problems are curable and there is always a solution. Timber Care Ltd have years of expertise in dealing with damp walls and all damp problems. We give sensible, practical advice on the best treatments and repairs for all your damp problems. 

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Damp Wall with crumbling plaster.                            Penetrating damp in a stone wall

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