Dry Rot Ireland

Identifying the type and extent of the problem and determining the correct course of action is the first step. It is important to note that Dry Rot is a damp related problem even thought the name implies otherwise. Dry Rot can spread throughout a building very quickly given the right circumstances. We are based in Navan co Meath but we survey Dry Rot in Cavan, Monaghan, Meath, Dublin and all surrounding counties. There are a few things to look for that will help identify dry rot and one of them is a damp musty smell. Sometimes it is difficult to see as Dry Rot can remain out of sight for a long time. Dry Rot can spread under floors and behind skirting boards and is really only visible once the cracks appear or the mushroom itself appears. If there is any red spotting around, this is a sure sign of active Dry Rot. Dry Rot in Ireland is a continuing problem due to our climate. Not directly but indirectly and more so because we have to try and balance our options between opening our windows and having good ventilation or keeping warm in what are essentially old houses. Many old stone houses in Ireland have Dry Rot problems but Dry Rot can be cured with the right treatment and correct approach that maintains the integrity of the building while getting rid of the Dry Rot problem. If  you have Dry Rot in Navan or any surrounding areas give us a call on 085855 4593. Visit https://www.timbercare.ie or drop us a line: thecure@timbercare.ie

We will update images occasionally and add more as we go to give a clearer idea of the different types of timber and damp problems you may encounter or just go to https://www.timbercare.ie and take a look through the images, this may help you identify the type of rot you may have.


Typical Example of Dry Rot


Typical Example of Woodworm

If you think you may have any of these problems please fill in the contact form below or phone 085 855 5897 for a free survey

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