All damp Solutions

If you have any damp problems give us a call and we will provide you with a solution. Wether it is rising damp or wood rot problems such dry rot, wet rot or woodworm there is always a cure. We will thoroughly survey your property and provide you with a free quotation.

We are constantly putting up information and images that may help you identify  the type of damp or wood rot problem you may have (see our blog). It may just be a simple case of condensation or it could be something more. Either way it is curable.


An example of penetrating damp

Water proofing and solutions to all damp problems

Sometimes it is difficult to ascertain exactly what type of damp you have and most of the time you just want rid of it and thats the easy part. We at Timber Care Ltd will give you a thorough investigative survey and determine the exact type of damp and reason why its there by locating and repairing the source of your problem. It is not always what it seems and modern measuring equipment means that a more accurate survey is now possible giving you much better information and a greater understanding of damp problems in general.

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Damp Wall.  Sometimes it looks a lot worse than it is